I haven’t written a blog post recently because I recently relocated to Boston! I’ve only been here since July but it has been a fantastic time already. I was prompted to leave because of my Lauren’s new position at Connelly Partners, an advertising agency operating out of the South End. I looked online for potential opportunities and found that Third and Grove was offering a position for a Front-end Engineer to work on accounts for major brands. I was sad to leave the team at Xerox, but I couldn’t turn down an adventure on the East Coast.

Wicked smaht people at Third and Grove

At Third and Grove, I get to continue playing with front-end technlogies like Grunt, SASS, Compass, Javascript, and some Javascript frameworks like Angular. I’ve been able to implement some best practices, improve front-end workflow and processes, as well introduce some fresh perspectives to projects. We’re now using a Mobile First approach and Style Tiles on projects which required responsive design with some great results. I look forward to new projects and new oppotunities to learn about my craft.

I love doing what I do, I love learning, and I can honestly say that I’m working with some talented and intimidating, full-stack engineers. Vagrant boxes with custom bash scripts to spin up local dev environments? No problem. Git best practices and deployment processes? Easy as pie. Write a little custom JS to even out the user experience? Done and done. I’m learning a lot about the backend not necessarily by digging in, but by working with people who make it seem magically easy.

Funny things I’ve noticed about New England

  1. The Red Sox are Gods.
  2. Dunkin Donuts is no joke for New Englanders. Do yah want cream and sugah wit yah cahfee?
  3. New Englanders are infamous for being unfriendly on the surface, but they’re great if you strike up a conversation. They love being tough.
  4. California is seen as a magical, amazing place.
  5. Winter is coming, always.

Warning: Winter is a looming monster on the horizon that eats people's souls in Boston. Don't ever bring up winter unless you want to hear about how bad the last one was or about that one time your co-worker's dad got cabin fever and almost pulled a Jack Nicholson a la The Shining.

I’m excited most of all to be in Boston because of the proximity to great front-end developers and open-source enthusiasts. Major players like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are here, along with smaller shops like Bocoup. I look forward to more amazing things and traveling along the East Coast to see the beautiful, major American cities. Follow me on Instagram to see my photos.

I even made it to the front page of the Boston Business Journal while I was at Code for Boston!

Warning: Getting onto the Boston Business Journal without having made a civic app doesn't make you a dope coder, it makes you an expert at timing.

I’ll be writing more often now that I’m settled. Cheers to new adventures!